Wednesday October 13th


Cornerstone Studios in Northeast Mpls

Content Marketing Panel

Podcasting, Video, Pinterest, Reels, TikTok, Blogging. There are so many ways to create content-which should you pick?

Learn from experts who have become known for a specific kind of content and you can decide which fits you best!

Jessica Chung-



Jessica Chung is a multitalented creative & leader in the Twin Cities. She started her bullet journal art instagram account and expanded to the YouTube platform making videos on her channel.

Fabiana Peterson-

Reels & TikTok


Fabiana is a brain health coach and helps transform lives using the science of human emotion. She has grown her Instagram & TikTok with short form video showing her personality and knowledge.

Ian Levitt


Ian has over 20+ years experience in radio production before shifting into becoming a podcast and audiobook producer in the Twin Cities. He has produced over 30+ podcasts and knows the ins and outs of podcasting!

Carolina Reyes-Pinterest


Carolina is a Pinterest expert and helps small businesses develop organic and paid marketing strategies that drive traffic and increase leads for your business on Pinterest

Ben Theis-



Ben runs a local marketing agency Skol Marketing focusing on websites, SEO and content marketing like blogging. He will share how to get more traffic to your website and business

Imagine what life will be like when they too have the success you have?

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