Tuesday October 12th


Cornerstone Studios in Northeast Mpls

Local Marketing Panel

Celebrating local MN culture is a huge part of Twin Cities Collective and with our panel of experts. They have focused on building a local audience and they will be sharing how they focus on local first as part of their brand and how they have built a local following and audience.

Luis Leonardo-Embrace North


Luis moved to Minnesota after growing up in Guatemala and took a while before acclimating to the Minnesota cold. But when he did he embraced it 100% and learned how valuable the cold/hot combo of ice baths and saunas are and launched the Embrace North gym & brand to encourage Minnesotas to embrace the north and the cold

Bella Lam-

Coconut Whisk


Bella Lam launched Coconut Whisk, a vegan baking company, in her college dorm with her boyfriend and business partner and has seen tremendous success and recently launched the Coconut Whisk Cafe in downtown Minneapolis.

Stephanie Hanson-Makers of MN Podcast


You know Stephanie as a local radio host, blogger & the founder of @stephaniesdish and the @makersofmn podcast. She is a huge supporter of local small businesses, especially in the food & beverage industries.

Kenneth Zuniga-

MN Latinos


Kenneth launched MN Latinos as a local community and organization dedicated to promoting Latinos in Minnesota and encouraging building bridges among different people groups to learn more about the Latino culture


MN Black List


Seanie launched the MN Blacklist to share and support local black owned businesses. She also launched the Black Market (@theblackmarketmpls), a pop up market supporting and increasing visibility of local black owned product businesses to sell locally.


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