Thursday October 14th


Cornerstone Studios in Northeast Mpls

Social Media Marketing Strategy & Branding Panel

What are some of the marketing strategies that matter most in 2021? How does one create and share social media content? And how does one build a brand? We will be discussing with this panel.

Anahita Champion


Anahita is a local media personality & PR strategist running multiple businesses focused on moms & kids. She is also a youth advocate and inclusivity storyteller sharing her advice on how to use social media effectively

Dianne Shelton


Dianne is an award winning marketing coach and strategist, focusing on systems to launch and scale online. She also hosts a podcast and helps women thrive.

Marcus Styles


Marcus is a designer and brand creator behind Vzncy branding agency who helps businesses discover their identity with graphics, writings, photo/video & 3d visuals.

Jenny Anderson


Jenny is a local outdoor travel content creator, focusing on Minnesota and utilizing tools such as drone video and photography to share local content, especially around the lakes.

Tyler Webb


Tyler Webb is a Freelance Social Media Manager, Content Creator and Facebook Ads Manager.

He learned by combining experiences at Fortune 500 companies, running social media pages with 100k+ followers, finding new freelance gigs and studying marketing and entrepreneurial management at the Carlson School of Management.

Imagine what life will be like when they too have the success you have?


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