Friday October 15th 5:00pm


Cornerstone Studios in Northeast Mpls

Working with Brands Panel

This panel will be discussing how to work with influencers or content creators to promote your brand as well as the flip side, how influencers can work with brands and small business sponsors to grow their personal brand as a business

Lizanne Dooner


Lizanne is a local travel based creator, focusing on Minnesota content, with photo & video sharing her favorite MN based places and products. She has worked with local brands like Caribou Coffee, the MN lottery and many others

Kate Thomas

Mother of @gavinthomas

Kate has been managing her son Gavin's social media for the last few years after he went viral on the app Vine when he was only 2 years old. Now 10 years old, Gavin is a megastar in the US and in China, with over 1.3 million followers on instagram and almost 2 million on Weibo in China



Andrea is a local blogger in the beauty & makeup industry, focusing on curvy fashion. She's also a licensed attorney and loves to share photos & videos as a content creator.

Hannah & Nicole


Hannah and Nicole recently rebranded from MomsDishMN to MinnesotaCircle, sharing local guides to the Twin Cities as well as events, their podcast and more!

Morgan Molitor


Morgan is an interior designer along with her husband with their business and family lifestyle brand Construction2Style. She has built a large local following on social media and shares behind the scenes and tutorials with her audience.

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