Frequently Asked Questions.

Who is this for?

This conference is specifically for individuals or businesses, whether you're an entrepreneur or work a side hustle, who wants to learn more about how to effectively market their business as well as connect to others who are doing the same thing, network, and be able to have an enjoyable week in the Twin Cities.

Most of the people that will be attending this event will be part of the Twin Cities Collective Facebook community and probably live locally.

About 80% of the people in our community are women, but we are open to all.

Why should I come to this conference?

A lot of the conference you will walk away with applicable marketing strategies and techniques and tactics. But truly, a lot of the best parts of a conference come from the intangibles.

Running into someone you've never met, that you've always wanted to connect with.

Having a random encounter with someone who changes your life and your business.

Being able to just do those small things that just can't be replicated online.

I would say, come for the experience, come for the education, but truly come for the people that you are going to meet.

And those are the ones that are going to stick with you forever.

What if I can't make it to all the sessions?

We originally wanted to do a one day in person conference but that either meant you take a full day of work off, or a full day of weekend off, and honestly, I didn't really want that for our attendees.

So instead I decided that we would have an evening event everyday for a week. Each day you could come and join us & wouldn't have to take off any work, and you're able to connect with the same people throughout the week & talk to each other in between sessions, and be able to not have to miss much work. This works also for people who have day jobs, as well as entrepreneurs.

We launched tickets months in advance for you to mark "busy" on Google Calendar at this time.

Now obviously people have things happening at night so if that is the case, I recommend doing the three day option if you truly cannot make it to the five day.

However I truly encourage you to come to as many sessions as you can because you're able to meet more people, you are able to learn more about all of the different things that we'll be talking about, and it's going to make so much more of a difference than just coming once.

What if something happens and COVID gets really bad again?

When we came up with the idea for the conference at the beginning of 2021, originally it was going to be just an online conference and we would have the speakers in person, and you can feel like you're there.

Then the vaccine came out, and we were able to think bigger and actually decided to turn it into an in person conference with a hybrid option.

If something happens and COVID becomes an issue again, we will go back to that original model of the hybrid. We are still offering those tickets at $75, and your ticket will be transferred to that price point and you'll be refunded the difference at our event. We will obviously be very safe and if you have not been vaccinated, we will ask you to wear a mask.


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