Here's the story of how this conference came to be

You may be asking Jenna why are you hosting a social media marketing conference in the Twin Cities?

It goes back to my first local conference. The first time I ever spoke & even attended a conference was at a 2015 Minnesota bloggers conference.

This conference was the start of being able to connect with people that were likeminded to me here in the Twin Cities (this was before TCC started), without having to drive or fly out of state to attend.

But then it was gone

Sadly this conference stopped happening in 2017. When that conference ended there wasn't really any other social media specific conferences in town. I started attending a lot of smaller networking events, but nothing that was of that caliber. I missed the size and amount these conferences provided. I traveled hours and hours in the car to attend in person conferences which were the closest I found (but still drove 5+ hours.........).

I started growing TCC and have now hosted 30+ events, both online and in person, including our biggest the Best of Awards in December 2019, just before the pandemic hit.

Fast forward to 2019. Before COVID hit, I originally had already decided to do a conference for Twin Cities Collective, had met with an event planner and then once COVID came, obviously decided to wait. And then 2021 came around, and I thought "You know there's never been a better time than when people are finally coming back together."

Conferences are now BACK

I'm excited that we're officially launching an in person conference in the Twin Cities for creative entrepreneurs.

The last 18 months have been extremely challenging & we are finally able to connect IRL & learn more about the topic of social media marketing

This event will be held in person at Cornerstone Studios on Central Ave in Northeast Minneapolis, the creative hub of the Twin Cities the home of the Arts District.

We will have some amazing guest speakers on our panels (Scroll down to learn more). We will also have a huge amount of time to connect with those we haven't seen in literally over a year, or maybe ever in person..

IMAGINE HOW THIS EXPERIENCE WILL HELP you to be more successful in your marketing"

How will this conference impact your life?

Grab your spot!

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